Welcome to Babington's Blog

Welcome to Babington's Blog

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We want to welcome you to our blog for our sanitizers and introduce you to the voice of Babington Soap Co.

You will find more details on our story here.  In short, we wanted to create and sell premium plant-based hand sanitizers that people enjoyed using.  Our thought was that the more people enjoy using a sanitizer the more it will be used and more harmful bacteria will be killed.  A simple idea and one on which we welcome feedback.

We are very proud that our 65% alcohol-based sanitizer is 99.9% plant-based and 99.9% natural.  

Trying to also make our products as plant-based as possible was also a big goal for us.  It ties into having products people enjoy using whilst helping the planet.

We know that we need to do more on having eco-friendly products and until we are able to source eco-friendly bottles, pumps, ingredients we will ensure that we plant trees for products sold.  We will provide more details on our involvement with TreeEra in future posts but in short, "TreeEra helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees."  We are sure TreeEra would welcome any questions you have.

We will be introducing new fragrances to our products shortly and we already have our formula for the second and third products locked down.  We also have a luxury foaming hand wash ready to go.  This will be the place where we will announce our new products as they come out.

Our first product is different because we do not, unlike almost all other sanitizers, use aloe vera and glycerine.  We will explain why that makes a difference in future blog posts.

We look forward to engaging with you all to help foster discussion on our products and personal care in general.

Thanks for reading.  

Matthew & Tom.

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