The Babington Difference on Full Display in Multiple 2021 Beauty Awards

The Babington Difference on Full Display in Multiple 2021 Beauty Awards

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Babington Soap Poised for a Trifecta of Awards Early in 2021


Babington Soap is looking to score a trifecta of beauty awards in 2021, hauling in one beauty award, and being nominated for two more with only halfway into the year.


The answer to the problem of dry hands smelling of alcohol  from generic sanitizer, Babington Soap’s exclusive 2-in-1 hand sanitizer is also a moisturizer and is being recognized for its refined qualities as a beauty product. 


The competition in the hand sanitizer category has been fierce because of the pandemic, but CEO and co-founder Matthew Jenner believes the Babington Difference—a high-end plant-based moisturizer known as chitosan—will lead to more success down the road, and certainly more awards in 2021.

Babington Soap’s Hand Sanitizer Up for Multiple Awards in 2021


Babington Soap is happy to have early success as a company, taking the UK Silver Award for Best Hand Sanitizer Company in the 2021 Global Makeup Awards. This award comes on the heels of Babington Soap becoming a finalist for the Pure Beauty 2021 Global Awards.


The announcement for the winners of the Pure Beauty 2021 Global Awards are coming soon, and Babington Soap is poised to add another piece to the company trophy room. CEO Jenner knows that Babington Soap’s “focus on the moisturizer element is what helped us be a winner in the best hand sanitizer category.”


Babington Soap was born during the pandemic as an answer for people who used hand sanitizer regularly but complained of the resulting dry skin and alcohol smell. Now Babington Soap hand sanitizer is being praised for its sustainability and the fact that it’s a sensory feast.

Will the Babington Difference Lead to a Trifecta in Early 2021?


Babington Soap is a luxury, plant-based moisturizer that is combined with hand sanitizer and lemongrass to kill 99.9% of germs. Clients of Babington Soap are delighted to breathe in the fragrant lemongrass while rubbing their baby-soft hands together as the sanitizer component cleanses.


“Sanitizers are generally pretty bad for our skin. They’re not designed to be cosmetics,” said Jenner. “So it’s important that we start plumping up our skin with the right stuff.”  


Babington Soap’s luxury hand sanitizer works with your hands on a cellular level with a 2-in-1 hand sanitizer and moisturizer. Other moisturizers, such as aloe vera or glycerine, don’t have the same effect, as Babington Soap uses chitosan (pronounced “kite-o-san”), which is a moisturizer that costs more to produce, but actually works with your hands’ natural oils — that’s the Babington Difference.

And because it’s vegan and is a 99.9% plant-based product, Babington Soap hand sanitizer is up for a Global Green Beauty Award. Winners will be announced on July 15, 2021, and if the Babington Difference is recognized, it may mean an early trifecta for the budding beauty product company.

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