Is Hand Sanitizer a Good Alternative to Washing Hands?

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Whether it’s an office, hospital, restaurant, school, playground, or any other place, we are all surrounded by countless bacteria. These germs can get onto our hands, enter our bodies, and eventually lead to various health issues if proper hand hygiene is not implemented. We are all aware that proper hand-washing helps to reduce bacterial transmission. However, there are instances when we don’t have access to soap and water or don’t have enough time to wash the hands thoroughly. This is why having a hand sanitizer around to make the process of cleaning hands convenient and effective is a good idea.


The Practical Necessity

Lately, with the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), the role of hand sanitizers in our daily lives has become even more crucial. It has become the new normal to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere we go. However, not all hand sanitizers are prepared equally. To make sure you only get the best, Babington has created a powerful plant-based formula, Chitosan, that does the job without leaving your hands dry, dehydrated, and itchy. Let us walk you through how Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer works to eliminate bacteria and reduce the risk of numerous health woes while relieving dry hands at the same time.


Does Your Hand Sanitizer Really Work?

If you’re worried about the efficiency of your hand sanitizer as an appropriate alternative to washing hands, we’ve got you covered. At Babington, we are committed to bringing a meaningful change to our customers’ lives by promoting conscientiousness regarding the ingredients used in their skincare products. The alcohol content of the Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria while natural plant-based compounds in it work to reverse the harsh effects of alcohol, delivering micronutrients and intense hydration at a cellular level. Chitosan in the formula imitates the function of the body’s natural oils and form a protective layer on the skin, which prevents moisture loss and shields against oxidative stressors. Lemongrass in the Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer possesses natural antibacterial properties that provide a lasting effect on the hands.


Is Your Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Skin?

Well, it’s a no brainer that the high concentration of alcohol in any skincare product tends to dry out and aggravate the skin. Hand sanitizers are no different. The current situation demands regular use of hand sanitizer to minimize the spread of Covid-19. The constant use of alcohol-filled hand sanitizers can compromise the skin’s natural barrier, leading to loss of moisture and a higher probability of inflammation. With Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer, you don’t have to worry about these adverse effects. The plant-based formula is specifically tailored to keep the skin of your hands deeply nourished, moisturized, and protected. In addition to aloe vera and glycerin like mainstream hand sanitizers in the market, Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer offers the amazing humectant and restorative benefits of plant-based chitosan that keeps the skin cells in their optimal health in the long run. We explain this in more detail here.


How to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Hand Sanitizer?

First of all, choose a formula with at least 60% alcohol in it because lesser concentration may reduce bacterial growth to some extent but it will fail to eradicate the germs completely. Look for a hand sanitizer with 60 to 95% alcohol. Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer contains 65% ethanol, making it suitable for combatting bacteria effectively. The second factor that decides the degree to which your hand sanitizer works is the way you use it. You need to apply it using the right method, allowing the contents to reach as far as they should and work properly. Take enough amount of hand sanitizer on your palm and spread it around over both hands. Rub the product until your hands feel fully dry. It’s important to note that hand sanitizers are not designed to work against all sorts of microbes. It can’t fight against certain types of parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections.


The Bottom Line

The current pandemic has brought sudden changes to almost all areas of our daily lives, including the way we clean our hands. Hand sanitizers seem to have taken the skincare industry by storm due to their ease of use and effectiveness against germs. Babington strives to provide its users with the safest and potent hand sanitizer that eliminates the side effects that accompany commonly found hand sanitizers. Our plant-based Chitosan moisturizing hand sanitizer isn’t your typical drying and irritating formula. You don’t have to stress about dealing with dehydrated, scaly, and inflamed hands anymore. 


Besides taking care of your personal hygiene, don’t forget to maintain social distance and work on building your immunity. That’s the only way forward. Stay Safe!

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