Mushrooms in Skincare - What are mushrooms?

Mushrooms in Skincare - What are mushrooms?

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What are Mushrooms?

Edible and topically applied mushrooms have been used in traditional Asian medicine for decades due to their vast capabilities of appearing to improve health, restore vitality, and revitalize a youthful appearance.

As well as counteracting adverse health-related concerns associated with internal and external stressors that become noticeably visible over time as rough-textured dry skin and redness. 

The skins very own immune system kicks when it comes in contact with any sign of stress and unfortunately appears where we can see it (on the surface of the skin). Many mushroom species have adaptogenic functions that claim to be able to help the body adapt to changes in its emotional and physical state. 

These adaptogens work at a molecular level to bring balance and regulate cell function in the body. While adaptogens have obvious advantages for the body, these benefits can also transform the skin and its appearance too! Studies show that Beta-Glucans (Polysaccharide sugars) found within mushrooms can improve the barrier of the skin, making it particularly suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Our Mushroom Facial Cleansing Scrub, Mushroom Facial Serum and Mushroom Sheet Masks (3 pack) contain a harmonious blend of Reishi and Chaga mushrooms for their inflammation minimising and skin-soothing properties, revealing a radiant, youthful-looking appearance.    Check out the products by clicking here.


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