Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers

Babington Soap never set out to make a cheap product, instead using premium ingredients such as pharmaceutical grade Chitosan and lemongrass. These ingredients cost more to produce and include in Babington Soap’s moisturizing hand sanitizer. The result is a luxury product meant to function as a hand sanitizer but act like a beautifying moisturizer.

Babington Soap feels so different you will never guess that it's a hand sanitizer. It’s THE ONLY 2-in-1 hand sanitizer that will leave your hands feeling SOFT, SMOOTH, and CLEAN. Your skin, if it could, would choose Babington Soap.

Full Size

The typical application for one use of Babington Soap is 2 to 3 mL, thus our full size, 8 oz moisturizing hand sanitizer product will leave your hands clean and smooth nearly 250 times! Use the easy pump at the top to control application size. Purchase a single bottle, or a pack of three for your home, office and your best friend.

Travel Size

Babington Soap’s 1.86oz travel size moisturizing hand sanitizer product is the perfect companion to bring on planes or on the road. Purchase a single bottle, or a pack of three for your car, purse and shaving kit.


[H3] WHOLESALE HAND SANITIZER Babington Soap has the capacity and ability to ship our products in bulk, and we welcome all inquiries for wholesale opportunities. Please email us at for our Buyer's Information Pack, or any other wholesale questions.