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Babington Soap Co

2-in-1 plant-based Moisturizer LOTION with an antibacterial - Uplifting Lemongrass

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This is our newest LOTION-based 2-in-1. This version contains no Chitosan but has its own unique moisturizer which again is not the basic aloe vera or glycerine found in sanitizers.

Experience just how different a 2-in-1 can be when it is designed to be firstly a 99.9% plant-based moisturizer, and secondly an antibacterial that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Our seven natural ingredients hydrate your hands, leaving them tender and soft, while the alcohol-based antibacterial goes to work killing germs and bacteria.

The active ingredient in Babington Soap’s moisturizer isn’t used in any hand sanitizers made in the US. It forms a healing barrier that counteracts the harsh effects of alcohol. Over 96% of testers stated that using the product left their hands feeling “FANTASTIC” and over 92% said the organic lemongrass oil fragrance was uplifting.

  • SATISFACTION: 100% of people who tried the product, in its testing stage, agreed that the product left their hands feeling tender and soft (and over 96% also agreed they felt silky too). Their reviews compared it favorably to sanitizers they had used.
  • CARING FOR YOUR HANDS: Over 96% of testers agreed that by using our product it felt like they were caring for their skin whilst caring for their health.
  • OUR SPECIAL MOISTURIZER: We use pharmaceutical grade chitosan moisturizer which has benefits not found in the cheaper moisturizers (aloe vera and glycerine) which are used in almost all sanitizers, regardless of their price.
  • NON-STICKY: The testers agreed that our 2-in-1 did not leave hands feeling sticky.
  • VEGAN: The 2-in-1 is vegan-friendly.
  • ALCOHOL: We use the more expensive ethanol alcohol (rather than Isopropyl). Ethanol is a natural plant-based alcohol whereas Isopropyl is a chemical compound. The 70% formula ensures it is an effective antibacterial gel.
  • TESTED: Our product has passed the EN1276 testing to back up our claim that it kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.  We also exceed the minimum requirements of the WHO guidelines.
  • LONG LASTING QUANTITY: With our 2-in-1, a half pump is all that is needed for effective sanitization (and moisturization).
    • ETHANOL: 70% by volume, as hand sanitizers require at least 60% ethanol by volume to be considered 99.9% effective against bacteria and germs.
    • WATER: Purified H20.
    • SUNFLOWER SEED OIL: This is a vegan ingredient extracted from plants is used to moisturize.  Also known as helianthus annuus seed oil.
    • LEMONGRASS OIL: Extracted from the leaves and stalks of lemongrass plants, this vegan ingredient is included for its soothing aroma, and is often used in essential oils.
    • TOCOPHEROL: Basically just Vitamin E.
    • CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS (SAFFLOWER) OLEOSOMES: The secret sauce in this 2-in-1 lotion - This naturally derived, multifunctional emulsifying system consists of oleosomes from safflower seeds, which possess time-release and aesthetic enhancement properties; truly balancing nature with performance. Because of the encapsulation system of Safflower Oleosomes, they release their contents as they come into contact with skin. Since not all of the Oleosomes collapse at once, they deliver emollient oil and Vitamin E to the skin over time for long-lasting moisture.
    • AMMONIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYLTAURATE/VP COPOLYMER: Despite the intimidating name, it simply helps thicken the formulation and is safe for its indicated uses in skincare.  It is non-irritating and doesn’t cause sensitization issues, great news for sensitive skin types.

Potential allergens from the lemongrass oil: citral, citronellol, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalol